Monday, December 21, 2009

The BAFF is now OPEN!!!!!! :D

Best anime face fest... Is officially OPEN!!! :D

GUESS WHAT? UH-HUH!!! The BAFF is officially OPEN starting TODAY!!! What is the BAFF you will ask? The BAFF is basically a contest that I created just now where people who watch anime and/or read manga enter of anime/manga characters making the weirdest/craziest/funniest/emo-est/dumbest/e.t.c. faces EVER!!! The best entries receive nothing. :D It's just for fun!! DUH.


* Only screen shots/manga scans are allowed as entrees. Fan art will not be accepted.
* If you enter any nudity/shockers you WILL be banned from the contest and blocked from my contact list/deleted from friend list.
* OCs will also not be accepted.

This is only for fun, so I repeat: no prizes will be awarded to the winners. SRY KTHXBAI.


* Craziest.
* Weirdest.
* Funniest.
* Most fail-ish.
* Most beautiful. (LAME NAME.)
* Most emo. (HAHA YES.)
* Cutest.
* Scariest.
* Most win-ish.

CONTACT ME: Send the images to: and vote for entrees on a blog that will be created soon. Hehe. NOW ENTER. GOGOGOGOGOGO!!!!! >:D